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How far in advance should I be at the airport?

If you are on Isabela or Cristobal Island, you must arrive at least 1 hour in advance. If you are in Puerto Ayora and you have to travel to Baltra airport, you must leave at least 3 hours earlier.

How far are Isabela and San Cristobal airports from the port?

They are quite close to the port: 10 minutes, approximately.

How far is the Baltra Island airport from Puerto Ayora?

This airport is far from the Port, at least 2 hours away.

What is the flying time from one island to another in these light aircrafts?

The duration of the flight is 35 minutes, approximately.

What is the capacity of the light aircraft?

Each plane has a maximum capacity of nine passengers.

What is the luggage limit included in the ticket?

EYou can take a 25 pounds bag with you. If your luggage is heavier than that, don’t worry: you can pay an extra weight charge, either in advance or at the airport. However, it’s cheaper if you pay in advance.

Can I hop from one island to another by boat?

Yes, you can take a ferryboat between Isabela and Santa Cruz, and Santa Cruz and San Cristobal.

Can I travel directly between Isabela and San Cristobal by ferry?

Unfortunately, not. You can take a ferryboat from Isabela to Santa Cruz and then, from Santa Cruz to San Cristobal Island (or vice-versa).

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